Sunday, 18 November 2012

Tips for Your Tips-Annoying Drying Times

Everyone hates spending all that time to paint their nails and do nail art only to end up smudging one or two because you thought they were dry. Well, here's a tip on how to test if your nails are dry, a couple to help dry them, and how to fix a smudge!
I always used to rub my finger over my polish to see if was dry and would end up ruining my mani. So, instead of doing this, gently tap another nail on it. I there's any resistance then your nail isn't dry.

So, if you find your nails not drying there are a bunch of things you could do.
-Drying drops are amazing, Nicole by OPI has some great ones, but they're expensive.
-You can use aerosol, which should be specifically for nails. I hear PAM works, but I have no idea.
-Nail Dryers are controversial because some people think they put bubbles in your polish. I've never had this problem, and will continue to use them until I have that problem.
- Ice cold water is another thing that i've been told works. I haven't tried it, but apparently if you put filtered water in the fridge until condensation forms on the outside of the glass, and keep your nails in it for one or two minutes, it drys them.
-Fast drying top coat like Seche Vite and China Glaze Fast Forward!!

If you smudge your mani there are two things that I know of will "mend" it.
1. You can lick it. Yeah, I know. Strange, eh? Once you lick it you just even it out with your finger.
2. You can lick your finger and do the same thing.
Something in saliva seems to bond the polish back together. It wont completely smooth it over, but it helps. And with another coat of polish you can barely tell!

Well, there's your Tip for Your Tips!
Goodluck, and happy polishing!


  1. You know someone just recently told me that cold water will dry your mani I was all NO WAY lol that's something I really want to try! And one thing I do to see if my mani is dry cuz I used to smudge them all the time is lightly run my bottom lip over my nail... weird right? LOL but if it's smooth and feels dry I brave running my finger over it to be sure. I haven't tried the drying drops yet but I've heard they can be messy? I'd still like to give them a go though lol! I do love my China Glaze Fast Forward top coat though it dries my nails so quick! :) Thank for more tips doll! ^.^

  2. I have't been able to dry it, but I'm excited too! And, that's a great idea! The drying drops aren't messy as long as you use one drop at a time!