Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Mix It Up

I work at a hardware store, and one day a co-worker of mine was mixing paint for a customer. The first picture is what the paint looked like. It inspired me, and the next two are the design i came up with.

Super easy to do! Just paint nails white, and then using a thin brush swipe blue around. I then used a darker blue on top. I didn't let the colours dry so they would blend. After dried, put some red dots on randomly using a toothpick. Then I painted the rest of my nails the red. 

Colours used: Sally Hansen; Blue Me Away
                         Sally Hansen; Blue It
                         Essie; Meet Me at Sunset
                         Sinful Colours; Snow Me White

Sally Hansen Crackle

Shown above are 3 of the Sally Hansen Crackle polishes.  Lets start out with the black. Works great, looks super nice. Fantastic. Moving on. The pink and blue, however, are terrible! Neither of them work what-so-ever! They just look sparkly! They're gorgeous colours, but they don't work. at all. It might be possible I got bad bottles, but i doubt it. Don't waste your money.