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What is Biotin? 
Biotin is a vitamin that turns fats and carbs into energy. It is relatively cheap, and therefore very popular. 
Pros of Taking a Biotin Supplement:
  • Biotin can help speed up your hair growth, particularly if you  have a biotin deficiency. People who are biotin deficient will probably notice dramatic changes but everyone that takes biotin should see some improvement over time.
  • It is natural. In fact, it already occurs naturally in your body so even purists don’t have to worry about taking a biotin supplement.
  • It can help build bone strength. This is something of particular interest to women approaching menopausal age, or people who have problems with brittle bones!
  • It provides energy to your cells which helps to energize your body!
  • It doesn't require much effort, all you have to do is take a vitamin every day. 
  • There aren't any side effects when taken at normal doses. Although taking higher than normal doses (more than 5000 mcg biotin) isn't recommended, it is not likely to cause significant harm in healthy people and it’s not easy to overdose on.
  • It can also help your nails to grow longer and stronger. Moreover, it can help nourish brittle nails and prevent future breakage.
Cons of Taking Biotin:

  • Biotin can be so good at growing hair that you might find yourself with excess facial hair if you are already prone to having a little. This is not a reason to avoid it, but something to keep in mind. Waxing and bleaching can help keep this problem under control perfectly:) 
  • You may have to play around with dosages before you find a happy medium between taking an effective amount and not taking more than necessary. Always start with smaller doses and slowly increase the amount you take until you see the desired results, just don't go overboard!
  • Although some people claim that it can help with weight loss, this has not been proven. Studies are still underway to determine if there is an actual connection between biotin and weight loss, so don't get your hopes up.
  • It may take some time to see results. 
  • It’s not a miracle product. It can make a difference for people losing their hair but it won’t give a completely bald person long, flowing hair.
My oppinion: I've been taking Biotin for about a month now, and I can see a difference. My hair grows a lot already, but my nails take forever. Biotin has helped speed up the process. Biotin takes about a month to get into your system, but it could take longer than that (up to 6!!) so be patient, because you never know what might work for you! I'm not a doctor of health care provider, so before taking Biotin or any vitamin you should talk to your doctor about it, and then follow his advice!


- Lotions vs. Creams
Lotions and creams. They're the same thing, right? They all do the same thing? Not necessarily. While lotions and creams do both moisturize and help to keep your skin feeling soft and smooth, they are slightly different. All products that moisturize your skin have the same goal, obviously. Their jobs are to keep moisture in the outermost layer of your skin. Yes, lotions and creams both do this, but they do so at different levels. 

Oil Based vs. Water Based
If they're oil-based, they're an emulsion, also known as a mixture of water into oil. If they're water-based, that means that they're an emulsion of oil into water. Most lotions and creams are water-based, but water-in-oil emulsions are also on the market.

So, When Should I Use What?
You can define the bases like you can with the oil in your car, by the viscosity of the mixture (this is a fancy term that really just means the thickness). The biggest difference between lotions and creams are their composition. Lotions have a low viscosity. So they're thinner. This is why they usually come in a bottle that you can squeeze or pump. Lotions are also usually lighter and a little less oily than creams are. Because of these reasons, people with normal-oily skin types probably only need to use lotion to keep their skin moisturized. Creams are usually thicker and usually come in jars. People with dry skin types should usually lean towards creams.  Some people switch to a cream during the colder, drier winter months.

Okay, Now What?
Don't go out and trade in your lotion for a cream, or your cream for a lotion if it's working for you. Everyone's different, and so are their bodies. So, find what works for you and go with it. 


- Broken Nails:
Everyone hates getting a broken nail. It's a pain in the ass, and sometimes it's just pain! There are a number of products on the market the claim to fix broken nails. I have only tried one (Nailene Nail Glue), and it didn't fully live up to my expectations. Nailene Nail Glue (specifically for broken nails) works rather well however, if you pair it with a teabag. You can see a great tutorial on how to fix torn nails with a teabag here. She uses super glue, but I use Nailene Nail Glue instead. Super glue can be damaging to your nails and I advise you not to use it. I use Orly Top2 Bottom over the glue after it dries.
     This method is extremely cheap, and also easy on your nails because teabags aren't made of chemicals like the other products out now-a-days.

- Letting Your Nails "Breathe":
"Dont you ever let your nails breathe"

Let's talk about that. Just in case any of you don't know this, your nails are made of built-up keratin and are dead, therefore do not need to "breathe". In fact, one of the best ways to help your nails grow stronger is to keep polish on them. Not only does polish make the nail thicker, since it's like a blanket it also keeps moisture in. Nail polish allows for your nails to remain moisturized longer, making them stronger and healthier.
    For those of you that already knew this information I apologize for being repetitive, but for those of you that didn't, I hope I could be helpful!


- Annoying Drying Times:
Everyone hates spending all that time to paint their nails and do nail art only to end up smudging one or two because you thought they were dry. Well, here's a tip on how to test if your nails are dry, a couple to help dry them, and how to fix a smudge!
I always used to rub my finger over my polish to see if was dry and would end up ruining my mani. So, instead of doing this, gently tap another nail on it. I there's any resistance then your nail isn't dry.

So, if you find your nails not drying there are a bunch of things you could do.
-Drying drops are amazing, Nicole by OPI has some great ones, but they're expensive.
-You can use aerosol, which should be specifically for nails. I hear PAM works, but I have no idea.
-Nail Dryers are controversial because some people think they put bubbles in your polish. I've never had this problem, and will continue to use them until I have that problem.
- Ice cold water is another thing that i've been told works. I haven't tried it, but apparently if you put filtered water in the fridge until condensation forms on the outside of the glass, and keep your nails in it for one or two minutes, it drys them.
-Fast drying top coat like Seche Vite and China Glaze Fast Forward!!

If you smudge your mani there are two things that I know of will "mend" it.

1. You can lick it. Yeah, I know. Strange, eh? Once you lick it you just even it out with your finger.
2. You can lick your finger and do the same thing.
Something in saliva seems to bond the polish back together. It wont completely smooth it over, but it helps. And with another coat of polish you can barely tell!


-Tape Manicures:

Lucy from Lucy's Stash does incredible tape manicures, (which you can see on her blog, here) but I noticed that whenever I tried to do them, they looked like crap. After experimenting a lot, I came to a conclusion. Top coat. If you use a fast dry top coat like Seche Vite, then after that's dry, put your tape on your nail but not before putting the tape on the back of your hand to remove some of the "sticky-ness"! After doing this, your design should come out much better!


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