Friday, 15 February 2013

Colour Club with Black Shatter

Hello my lovely readers! Hope your week has been as good as mine has been and that you had great night last night with your lover! Happy Friday to you all! So, today I have nails that were supposed to be for valentines day, but I ended up messing them up and made them a bit more edgy!  I apologize for the terrible state that my nails and cuticles are in. During exams I kept... biting them. :s Horrible, I know. But, I've caught myself and am on the road to recovery!
Enjoy! xx

I LOVE pink! It's so feminine and perfect when combined with black! Here I used Colour Club Poptastic, along with Sally Hansen Black Shatter. 

The hex/circular glitter was bought at my local dollarstore and the bows were bought off ebay! 

Now, I don't usually use shatter because I always feel like I'm taking the cheap way out, and not doing any work, but this time it suited the occasion, and covered up some pretty nasty smudges! Haha

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