Wednesday, 31 October 2012

How to Remove Acrylic Nails!

What You'll Need:
Pure Acetone, 
Artificial Nail Remover (optional),
Nail File,

Step 1: Wash your hands.

Step 2: Take polish off your "falsies" using acetone or artificial nail remover.
Step 3: File/buff down the coating of the falsies.
Step 4: Follow directions on nail remover, or soak in pure acetone.
Step 5: Completely clean nails using acetone.
Step 6: Gently buff natural nails down until smooth.

Don't forget to moisturize! :) 

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Circular Stamping on Revlon Plum Seduction

Stamping on a friend, using Bundle Monster 3.0!

I used Bundle Monster Plate BM322 for the circle design! The colours I used were Revlon Plum Seduction for the base coat and Sally Hansen Insta Dry Silver Sweep for the stamp! 

Stamping with Shrooms and Leaves

Stamping on a friend, using Bundle Monster 3.0, and 2.0!
The Bundle Monster plates I used were BM302 for the cute mushroom, and BM204 for the leave design! The colours I used were Sally Hansen Pacific Blue for the base coat on the accent fingers, Revlon Sassy for the base coat on the others, Sinful Colours Snow Me White for the leaves, and Sally Hansen Insta Dry Silver Sweep for the mushrooms! 

Monday, 29 October 2012

Grey-Blue Gradient with Stamping!

To do this beautiful design, I painted my whole nail grey, and then used a makeup stamp to gently stamp blue on the end of it, until it blended decently. Top coat, then stamped using Bundle Monster 2.0, then Seche Vite. 

Bundle Monster plate I used was BM212, and I used Sally Hansen Blue Me Away along with Nicole by OPI My Empire, My Rules for the gradient. Then Stamped with Sally Hansen Insta Dry Silver Sweep!

Halloween Nails!

Stamping Using Bundle Monster 2.0!
The Bundle Monster plates I used were BM213 and BM221! The colours I used were Barelements Orange, Orange and Barelements Black for the base colour and I used Sally Hansen Black Out and Sally Hansen Insta Dry Silver Sweep for the stamping!


Sunday, 28 October 2012

Polish Haul!

Polish Haul! From left to right: 
China Glaze; Sunset Sail. 
China Glaze; Roguish Red.
Nicole by OPI; My Empire, My Rules. 
China Glaze; Ghoulish Glow. 
China Glaze; Glitter Goblin. 
NYC; China Town. 
China Glaze; Blurple Purple.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Stamping with Bundle Monster 3.0 on OPI

More stamping with Bundle Monster 3.0!
Plates Used: BM323
Colours Used: OPI-Gargantuan Green Grape
                          Sally Hansen-Black Out

China Glaze Wicked Collection

So impressed with the China Glaze Wicked Collection! I got Roguish Red, Blurple Purple, Glitter Goblin, and Ghoulish Glow at Sally's for 11 something! I couldn't say no! Below, is Glitter Goblin over Blurple Purple, which I think looks so nice.

Zebra Print Stamping on OPI On Collins Ave

Stamping With Bundle Monster 3.0 and Konad!
Plates Used: Konad M57
Colours Used: Sally Hansen; Black Out
                          OPI; On Collins Ave