Sunday, 24 March 2013

The boxes are unpacked,

Hi everyone! this is my final post on this blog, and and I said, I'd give you the address to my new one.You can click here to be directed automatically, or can type into your browser. Either way, show my the love!

Thanks again! xx

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-changing, Changing.

I've finally made a decision, I do WAY too many cool things with my life to have a blog devoted to only nail art! Life is an amazing thing, and I'd so much rather showcase all of it, than only a select part.


I'm moving!

Exciting isn't it? I don't have the new blog fully functional yet, but as soon as it is I'll post the link on this one. Nailed Into You will stay, it's not going anywhere, there just won't be any new posts on it.

Thanks everyone for the support!
Love you all! xx

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Black Gloss on Matte Doticure!

Goodmorning everyone! Hope everyone had an excellent weekend! I was supposed to have a post yesterday, but sadly I just didn't have the time, so instead I'm making one today. I've finally decided to try out this black matte with black gloss thing. 
Enjoy! xx

The black that I used was Barelements Black, and I then covered it with NYC Matte me Crazy.

The black dots were made with a dotting tool, and also using Barelements Black.

The grey that I used here is China Glaze Elephant Walk. I also put NYC Matte me Crazy on these.

The white dots were made using a dotting tool and acrylic paint. 

Thursday, 28 February 2013

OPI with "Toilet Paper" Circles

Happy Thursday everyone! That means it's almost the weekend! Today's nail art is inspired by this picture that I came across on Pinterest. Obviously I couldn't use toilet paper tubes, so I opted for a straw. I hope you like it! 
Enjoy! xx

The brown that I used is OPI and Apple Pie, an amazing fall colour, but I paired it with this blue and I like it as a winter colour as well. 

Both blues are actually acrylic paint that I purchased from Home Hardware!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Pastel Splatter

Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday! Well I mean, at least it's not Monday anymore. Today I have for you an experiment of the sorts. I've only tried the splatter technique once and that was around Halloween  so I decided it was time to do another, better one. I used a small straw for this design, because I find bigger ones don't work as well and get messy quite quickly. 
Enjoy! xx

The nudeish-pink colour that you see peeking out was my base colour, China Glaze Sunset Sail. It has a subtle shimmer, and is a perfect nude for my practice hand.

The pink colour that you see is Essie Tart Deco, another amazing colour. It has no shimmer, and is a salmon/coral colour. 

The purple that I used is Colour Club Pucci-Licious. WHAT A NAME, ahah. I love this colour, it's a different purple and matched the other pastel-type colours very nicely. 

The light blue is a franken of mine, Tiffany's New Shoes. 

Finally, the teal is China Glaze Four Leaf Clover, amazing colour, and looks different with almost every colour you match it with. 

Sunday, 24 February 2013

China Glaze Nautical Nails

Happy Saturday everyone! This is a scheduled post because sadly, I'm working at the moment. I am obsessed with anchors, and the colour navy. I pretty much love anything nautical, and I've been trying to work on my stripes lately so this design was perfect for that. You'll see that some of the colours are smudged, and that's because I was stupid and put my top coat on too early. Hahah
Enjoy xx

The navy that I used here is an older polish I have, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Blue It! I love this colour, it's the perfect navy blue and is definitely treasured in my collection. These polishes are however, quite thick so if you're going to use them, be prepared for that. 

The red that I used is part of the China Glaze Halloween 2012 collection. Roguish Red is a gorgeous colour, but it is a little bit orange. It should actually be called Roguish Orange-Red because it is definitely not fully red. In most of these pictures it does because I used several coats, and the more opaque it got, the more red it became as well.  

The white and gold are both acrylic paint, because I couldn't find a suitable white polish. Haha

The micro beads were bought off of Ebay and so were the brushes that I used to create the stripes. 

Thursday, 21 February 2013

OPI Cross and Rhinestone Manicure

Hello to you all! How's your Thursday going so far? Today, I have a stamping manicure for you! Yay! Stamping! If you haven't heard of stamping then you definitely need to "jump on the band wagon". Most nail bloggers use stamping as an easy way to "amp up" their manicures. Stamping is super easy once you get the method down, and can be found anywhere on the internet. You can see the rest of my stamping posts by searching "stamping" in the search bar, or clicking "stamping" in my label cloud! 

Enjoy! xx

The green I used here is a colour that I've only used once. It has been hidden away in my stash and when reorganizing I came across it. OPI Gargantuan Green Grape is a matte laquer that I got at Winners one day. It goes on a little funky, as all matte polishes do and is a little streaky; but it is however a gorgeous colour. 

I decided that I didn't want it to be matte, and to help cover the streaks I stamped on it using Cheeky plate CH44 with Sinful Colours Black on Black then topped it off with Orly Top 2 Bottom Base and Topcoat. 

The grey/purple colour is Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Greige Gardens. It's actually an amazing colour, and is subtle yet sophisticated. I thought that it paired with the rhinestones perfectly. 

The rhinestones were bought off of Born Pretty and you can find their website hereThere's a 10% off code which you can get by clicking here, but I haven't used it for a while, and don't know if it still works! The micro beads were bought off of Ebay!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Sally Hansen Prison Stripes

Hello everyone, happy Tuesday! Today I'm bring to you a mani that I've fallen in love with. I really enjoy this look, and even though it's not perfect, I hope you'll like it as well. 

Enjoy! xx

The pink that I used is actually a polish that I keep for stamping, but It was the perfect colour for this mani, so whatever! Haha, it's Sally Hansen Insta Dry Presto Pink. I haven't used it for stamping yet, sadly. But if anyone has, I'd appreciate it if you told me how well it works. 

The black and white stripes were created using acrylic paint and a striping brush bought off of Ebay in a package of three. 

The stars were bought at my local dollar store!

The top coat that I used was Orly Top 2 Bottom Base and Top Coat. 

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sinful Colours Animal Print

Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a great Monday.. Just kidding, Mondays suck. Haha. Anyway!
I am OBSESSED with leopard print. I love it! It's just.. so pretty. These, like the previous two manis are old. Once again, I apologize in advance for the terrible quality of these photos, and how disgusting my cuticles are. Not to mention how short my nails are. Haha! 

Enjoy! xx 

I love the way that the leopard print turned out. Definitely one of my best attempts! 

The blue I used was absolutely incredible: Sinful Colours Blue by You. Its a gorgeous colour packed with sparkle. Definitely one of my favourite colours I own!

The yellow is another Sinful Colours nail polish: Let's Meet. Just like the blue, it is packed full with glitter, however needs several coats to become opaque which was annoying. 

The orange that I used for accents is Barelements Orange, Orange. And I used black acrylic paint for the outline on the leopard print.  

In these pictures, I am holding and EOS lipbalm. I personally hate this specific one-Sweet Mint. But the others are amazing! You can check out their website by clicking here!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Colour Club with Black Shatter

Hello my lovely readers! Hope your week has been as good as mine has been and that you had great night last night with your lover! Happy Friday to you all! So, today I have nails that were supposed to be for valentines day, but I ended up messing them up and made them a bit more edgy!  I apologize for the terrible state that my nails and cuticles are in. During exams I kept... biting them. :s Horrible, I know. But, I've caught myself and am on the road to recovery!
Enjoy! xx

I LOVE pink! It's so feminine and perfect when combined with black! Here I used Colour Club Poptastic, along with Sally Hansen Black Shatter. 

The hex/circular glitter was bought at my local dollarstore and the bows were bought off ebay! 

Now, I don't usually use shatter because I always feel like I'm taking the cheap way out, and not doing any work, but this time it suited the occasion, and covered up some pretty nasty smudges! Haha