Frequently Asked Questions!

1. Why do some of your pictures have different watermarks then others?
- It depends on the device I'm using to post them, I use different programs for different devices.

2. What stamper do you use?
- Right now, I'm still waiting for my Konad stamper to come in the mail so I'm using the Nail Salon Express Stamper. I got mine from Walmart, and it came in a package with the stamper, scraper, plate holder, and 5 image plates. The stamper works really well. Just got my Konad stamper and scraper! They definitely work the best :) 

3. Do you use a scraper or credit card?
- I use a scraper that I buffed down a significant amount. I find its hard to get a good image on the plates I have with the credit card, and the scratches don't effect the other images. Now that I have a good technique, I use a credit card. The scraper really does tear up your plates! :( 

4. How long have you been doing nail art?
- Not very long, as you can see in my pictures I'm still a beginner, and have only been doing nail art for about two years. 

5. What do you use to grow your nails? 
- Oh lord. My nails take ages and ages to grow, and are very brittle. Lately I've been using three products that seem to be working fairly well: ibd Reconstrux, Sally Hansen NailGrowth Miracle Serum (gold bottle) and hoof Hard as Hoof Nail strengthening cream. I will be doing a post on these products soon.

6. Favourite brand of nail polish/laquer?
- I love, love, love China Glaze. But, sadly I have very little of it. I really like OPI as well, but it's quite expensive for me.

7. What image plates do you use for stamping?
Bundle Monster right now! I have the 3.0, and 2.0 collections! I'm also waiting for the Cheeky Summer collection to come in the mail. My Cheeky Summer Collection arrived! The quality of the plates are incredible, I highly recommend them!

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