Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Red and Pink Valentines Day Nails

Happy almost Valentines day, everyone! So, on Monday I showed you some Valentines Day nails that were more original than the cliche pink and red. Today, I'm showing you the cliche pink and red ones! Haha. I hope everyone has a great day tomorrow, and I'll see you all on Friday! 
Enjoy! xx

The colours I used were: Barelements Ruby Red which is a dark, beautiful red. Colour Club Poptastic which is my favourite pink and definitely my go-to colour, and Colour Club Warhol (for the gradient). 

The black is acrylic paint.

The rhinestones were bought off Born Pretty and you can find their website here! There's a 10% off code which you can get by clicking here, but I haven't used it for a while, and don't know if it still works!

The micro beads were bought off of Ebay!

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