Thursday, 7 February 2013

Matte Glitter with Bundle Monster Stamping Plates

So, these are nails from quite a long time ago. I didn't like them much at the time and wasn't even going to put them on here, but hey, who cares, and I like them a lot more now. I love the matte colours and how they turned out. The pictures don't quite catch the glitter that well, but it's definitely an amazing colour. 

For these nails, I used Colour Club Gift of Sparkle (purple) and an old grey that my mother had. I don't have the name of this colour, sorry!

I used NYC Matte Me Crazy for a top coat! 

The stamping plate that I used was BM316.

If you don't already have the Bundle Monster stamping plates I highly recommend them! They're a lot cheaper then Konad plates, but are still great quality. Head over to Bundle Monster to pick them up!

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