Monday, 3 December 2012

New Black Bows - Colour Club Take the Stage

I finally got my bows in the mail! I purchased these off Ebay, and honestly couldn't be happier with them! They took forever to get here, but it was so worth it. The rose and micro beads were bought off Ebay too!
    I did these on m practice hand, as you can see. Haha. I don't reaaally know how I feel about these, but they're okay! 
     Well here you go! xx

I used Colour Club Pucci-Licious, and Colour Club Take the Stage. 

This was my first time using Take the Stage, and I'm really impressed. It dried strange though, and I'm not sure if that my my fault, or the polish's.


  1. Super Cute!!!! I nominated you for a Liebster Award :)

  2. looks great!! can't figure out how did you get those bows to stick to the nails!? I am always having problems with sticking even simple fimo sticks lol

    1. Nail glue! I paint my nails first, and then apply a small amount of nail glue to the back of the bow. Make sure your nails are completely dry first though! xx