Monday, 5 November 2012

Colour Club Haul With a Random OPI!

Picture me, walking down an isle in Winner's with my boyfriend. Now, imagine how happy I was when I saw the Colour Club Poptastic Collection on the shelf for 14$! FOURTEEN DOLLARS. I couldn't not buy it. I mean, come on, think about that. Add a random OPI colour in there for 3 bucks and I was good to go! The quality on the picture is disgusting, but anyway.

Okay, so colours from left to right:
Colour Club-Poptastic
Colour Club-Warhol
Colour Club-Pucci-licious
Colour Club-Chelsea Girl
Colour Club-Twiggie
Colour Club-ALmost Famous
Colour Club-Wham! Pow!
Colour Club-Take The Stage
OPI-OPI and Apple Pie

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