Friday, 24 August 2012

pOlka dOts

First Tutorial!
Okay, so. Before you start, pick two colours. Make sure that they are close, but different shades. Ex: One darker, one lighter. Rub a bit of acetone on your nails to let the polish stick better.

Step 1: Paint whole nail darker colour. Let dry.
Step 2: Using a dotting tool, or several different sizes, make dots on the upper corner of the nail varying in size. I made the dots in black because i think the way that looked more than white.
Step 3: Again using a dotting tool, make smaller dots on a couple of the black/white dots you just made with your lighter colour.
Step 4: Make even smaller dots on one or two of the lighter dots, using black/white again.
Step 5: Top coat, and let your nails dry. Then moisturize, and use cuticle cream/oil.

Colours Used: Essie; Turquoise & Caicos
                          Barelements; Teal
                          Sinful Colours; Black on Black

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